Last week was my cervix baseline ultrasound. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, in particular since I’ve been feeling a little pelvic pressure/soreness on and off since 8 weeks – the only time when I didn’t have this was on holidays. Clearly, I should spend more time there… Nevertheless I was quite calm riding up the hill. We had the same lovely tech as last time, though she didn’t remember us. She asked me to guide the probe, which after countless fertility-related transvaginal ultrasounds I found funny. Then she said I could see the cervix on screen, while I just saw a gray mass (and something wiggling in the corner that probably distracted me a little). It wasn’t until she started measuring across it that I realized the gray mass was my cervix. Wonderfully long and closed, measuring longer than I had dared to hope – 4.3cm. Next the tech asked me to put pressure, “as if to push out the baby”. Well, I put some pressure, but not quite enough to actually push out a baby. It doesn’t seem like a good thing to do, so far from term… My cervix was unimpressed. She explained that a truly incompetent cervix will suddenly get very short when pressure is applied, even though it may seem long when relaxed. (I’ve never heard of this before – while it makes sense intuitively, this would mean there is a predictive test for IC, making me wonder why not all pregnant women are tested for this.) As a final test, she put (gentle) pressure on top of my uterus, again without any apparent effect. Then, lucky me, she wanted to look at Strawberry Baby via abdominal u/s – actually I think she spent at least as much time looking at our wiggling little one as at my cervix. Little (big?) Strawberry is doing well, measuring a few days ahead (15w1d when the calendar said 14w4d) and has heart and stomach and other organs all in the right place. Good news all around!

Yesterday I had an OB appointment. My doctor was happy about the cervix length but a bit concerned about my blood pressure. It often goes up at doctors visits, so I wasn’t too surprised, and of course losing the twins didn’t help – my anxiety issues have become much better, but they’re not completely gone, and I will be worrying about losing Strawberry Baby until we reach 28 or 32 or 36 weeks (and probably beyond that, but in different ways). Nevertheless, he is a very careful guy and wants baseline checks of my liver enzymes and a 24h urine collection, and for me to keep track of my blood pressure at home so that we can discuss it at the next appointment. I genuinely appreciate his proactive approach, and will try to follow his advice not to worry about it.

The next cervix ultrasound is in a week, so I hope we’ll get to see Strawberry Baby again! Soon we might even be able to see if it’s a boy or a girl… which I think will be bittersweet either way, given that the ultrasound when we found out the twins were girls was also the one when my cervix was so awfully short and things started to go downhill. I’m so hoping for a better outcome this time, and so glad that, for now, things look great.


13 thoughts on “baselines

  1. I’m so thrilled that your appointment went well, but I understand the anxiety when you’re actually at the appointments. They really need to start taking blood pressures AFTER they let you see or hear Strawberry! I think that would give more accurate BP results :)

  2. Yay! I’m so glad to hear that things are right on track and doing well. My bp always goes up for doctor’s appointments too. How can we not have anxiety after all we’ve been through with infertility and loss? Seems impossible. I love that your doctor is extra precocious and monitoring things closely.

  3. I don’t blame you for having anxiety, but it’s good that your doctor is aware and is working with you. Happy for such good news on Strawberry Baby!

  4. Oh that’s wonderful–I’m so glad your cervix is doing what it’s supposed to be doing and that all is going great with Strawberry baby. Keep the good news coming!

  5. Golly, that sound about as reassuring as anything could possibly be at this stage. (And I love the US photo of SB chewing on his or her umbilical cord. Or whatever is going on!) Keep on wiggling, SB. Keep on keeping long, cervix.

  6. This sounds just like my pregnancy with my son after losing my twins. Monitoring the cervix, slightly elevated bp, anxiety….
    But everything turned out really well. :)
    Keep smiling because most likely Strawberry is coming home a few months from now.

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