As you will all be keenly aware, yesterday was Mother’s Day. Which has been a difficult day for me ever since my mom died. But my brother is visiting and we spent a nice day together, largely ignoring the “holiday”.

Of course, none of this became easier since last year. Not only should this have been my first Mother’s Day with A & C, it was also the 7-month anniversary of their death. Somehow this seems incredibly long. 7-months-olds aren’t quite babies anymore. I’m so sad for missing out on seeing them grow up.

But yesterday also marked being 14 weeks pregnant with Strawberry Baby. 14 weeks! How did we get here? I hope the next 26 weeks will pass just as uneventfully.


6 thoughts on “multi-dimensional

  1. certainly a day with much meaning (dare I say, pregnant with meaning). Glad your brother could visit.
    I’m pretty sure next Mother’s Day will be quite different for you, and I’m glad for it.

  2. Aaarg. I’m so sorry. So many things that should have happened and never will. So much to grieve. You’ll never get to have that ideal version of mother’s day with all your babies and your own mother gathered around, and that sucks. I join you in having hope, though, and am imagining a much better day next year.

  3. I agree with the other poster – mother’s day will never be without complex feelings, even when strawberry baby is here and healthy (which I believe too). But you’ll get to the point where the celebration far outweighs the sadness.

    Fourteen weeks — wow! So, so excited for you. I hope with each passing day you can believe in it a bit more.

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