Alive and kicking

It seems a little absurd to ask a pregnant woman to come to an appointment with a full bladder – it feels full by the time I arrive anywhere anyway. We had a lovely ultrasound tech who showed us lots of cute details of Strawberry Baby kicking the anterior placenta and everything else in reach. She then went to ask the MFM on call whether to do a cervix baseline length now, because of my history, but the MFM agreed to do that at 14w as planned. Lastly she even did a few 3D ultrasound pictures for us!

They will slightly update the numbers to reflect the fact that this was a FET and thus my eggs are almost a year younger, but they are already so nice and low that I don’t really care. The geneticist then asked who my doctor was, and had nothing but praise for him. I think he’s great but it’s always reassuring to hear that from people actually working in the field.

This has to be about the best news one can get before going on vacation.


7 thoughts on “Alive and kicking

  1. Nice work, SB. I hope you’re looking forward to kicking that placenta while it relaxes on a beach. I’m so glad you got a nice tech and a nice geneticist and a nice bit of praise for your doc and no poke in the cervix! Yay!

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