When life gives you rhubarb (but not enough)


I was very proud of my creativity.
There are streusel on top now, but then you cannot see the fruit so I took the picture first.

Update: below is the recipe. It’s mostly in metric units, but I hope Google can help you transform them into whatever works in your kitchen.
350g flour
pinch of salt
50g sugar
180ml milk
one cube fresh yeast, or one bag dried yeast
50g butter (that’s a little less than half a stick – ideally it should be soft, but if you have a food processor you’ll be fine if it’s not)
1 egg

Mix ingredients and cover to let the dough raise. You can also let it raise overnight in the fridge, although I’d then recommend taking it out at least half an hour before you want to continue, to let the temperature of the dough adjust.

Preheat oven to 200C / 375F.

Meanwhile, prepare about 2kg of your fruit of choice and the streusel:
130g cold butter (a little more than a stick) – chopped into small pieces
200g flour
1tsp cinnamon (I have slightly broken up cinnamon sticks in a spice grinder)
130g brown sugar

Butter a baking or cookie sheet, or put a generously sized piece of parchment paper on it. Roll out the dough – because of the milk and eggs, it’s stickier than pizza dough and thus tends to actually stay in the places where you put it. Distribute fruit evenly – you don’t need to be too accurate as the streusel will cover everything anyway. To make streusel, mix all their ingredients by hand, squishing the cold butter between your fingers until it has completely mixed with the flour, and you get little streusel that stick together – if you don’t, add a tiny bit of water to make them stick. Spread streusel over fruit and bake the cake for 35min or so, until the edges are brown.

Enjoy with whipped cream or yoghurt (especially if the entire cake is just for you and your husband and you eat it for breakfast, after lunch and maybe another piece after dinner).


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