Fridge composition


My grandma sent the rainbow card after A & C died. It didn’t say much, just how sorry she was about everything and about not being able to be with me. I don’t think she knows the term “rainbow baby”, but I’m sure she knows that good things can come even after terrible times.



10 thoughts on “Fridge composition

  1. It is a great piece of art you’ve got there, so poignant. I’m so glad your grandmother chose that car. Did you just happen to have a strawberry magnet?

  2. I love the strawberry baby term. Just read about the spotting you had earlier. I had spotting with each of my pregnancies. It worried me so much but in the end it always stopped. Is it better?

  3. That ultrasound picture really does resemble a strawberry! Also looks like a heart. What a perfect card from your grandmother. I always think the world works in such mysterious ways when things tie together like that.

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