just when you thought things were going so well…

… your husband gets heart flutters, almost blacks out and needs to go to the ER, and there is a huge fire far too close to home. Luckily the apartment is ok (I had to go back early for my PIO shot). H’s assessment is that things look good now, but they want long-term measurements to make sure nothing is hiding and coming up sporadically.

It also happens to be the 5 month anniversary of the birth and death of A & C.

I hope that Strawberry Baby is doing well, unaffected by all of this. And I hope that tomorrow will be better.


13 thoughts on “just when you thought things were going so well…

  1. Oh yikes. I’m really sorry to read this. I was imagining the fire hiding and coming up sporadically—perhaps that will make you laugh as well. I agree–let’s get back to everything going smoothly, for the rest of your lives, all three of you.

  2. Oh, my! Sending hugs to you and hope that Strawberry Baby is happy and blissful to all that is going on around you. Also sending healing to your hubby.

  3. Wow–that’s too bad. I’m glad that everything is OK with H and I hope that the follow up tests show nothing. Sending good vibes to Strawberry baby!

  4. Oh no! I hope today is going better and that the follow-up tests on H show nothing out of the ordinary. Stay strong Strawberry baby!

  5. I just want to yell at the universe to leave you alone and let you enjoy your happiness for a change. I really hope H is feeling better soon and they figure out what’s going on!

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