To pass the time waiting for my nurse to call, I did a routine experiment. And in the second-to-last step, the solution turned pink – which it never had before.*

Hours (hours) after this, my nurse finally got the results and immediately called: 215. A great, solid beta 14d3dt. I almost feel guilty as so many fellow bloggers have had chemical pregnancies lately, and at the same time I know this was only the first hurdle. But for today, I will celebrate having made it thus far.

* After some random guesswork, my colleagues suspect it was just from the marker I used – but I prefer to think it was my baby saying “relax, Mom”

24 thoughts on “Pink

  1. I sobbed my eyes out when I saw your comment today… I’ve been frantically checking, waiting for you to post! Congratulations!!! I could not possibly be more excited for you! What an incredible beta: so, so good! Absolutely thrilled! Grow baby, grow!

  2. So THRILLED for you!! This is the beginning and I just KNOW things will go well for you. It’s clear you make nice, strong embryos!! Again, just so happy for you!

  3. I’ve been reading along but unable to share my EXTREME JOY AND DELIGHT at your leaping over that first hurdle! Oh little E, congratulations on your successful implantation!

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