E is for embryo

E thawed well, with all his or her 10 cells, and was transferred this morning. By the same doctor that did our transfer with A & C, who remembered us and expressed his hope that I’ll get pregnant again, but with a better outcome this time. E did show more fragmentation than A & C, but I hope it’ll develop into a beautiful baby regardless:


I took it easy for the rest of the day (my clinic doesn’t believe in bed rest) – napping, knitting on a bench outside, then lying and just enjoying the weather (ok, you may envy me for this one). I have some light cramping, but it seems that may be normal. I went to my post-transfer acupuncture appointment but was quite relaxed even on the way there. I think I was worried that for some reason the transfer wouldn’t happen, so now I’m glad we made it. Work will keep me busy for the next few days, which may be a good thing (though I plan to spend most of that time sitting down listening to other people).

Here’s something we came across on a recent afternoon stroll. I’m taking it as a good sign:


27 thoughts on “E is for embryo

  1. Welcome home, E. Nestle in, sweet one and stay a good long while (say 38 more weeks).
    And the pacifier is the same kind we give Gummy, so OF COURSE, I also see it as a good sign :)

  2. I was thinking of you all day yesterday! So glad to hear that the transfer went well! Hoping with you that this precious embryo grows and divides beautifully and finds a nice, comfy spot to dig in and stay a while (a long, long while).

  3. I would say the binkie is a good sign, then I noticed the rainbow and know that it’s a GREAT sign!! Snuggle in deep E, you’ve got a lot of people rooting for you to GROW!!

  4. I’ve been so out of it these past days but I’ve been thinking of you and now of E as well. So glad he thawed well and is hopefully now snuggling in for the long haul. I love the rainbow on the paci – foreshadowing of a happy side after the storm. Hugs and good thoughts!

    P.S. When I read the title I couldn’t help but think, “E es para ‘exito!!” ;) I bet it is.

  5. Look at that gorgeous proto-baby! Oh E, stick around. You’ve got an amazing family waiting. I’m really glad you’ve got some distractions on the menu. Your loyal fans, on the other hand, will be going nuts…

  6. Thank you for your recent comments on my blog. When I came to check on you, I saw you were already in your TWW! I just have to wish you all the luck in the world. If anyone knows how you must be feeling it’s a fellow babyloss twin mom. My third baby, C, is my light. I want so much for you to have this too. It in no way makes up for the loss we have endured, but it’s a beautiful baby and deserves our full attention and love. I will put all hopeful and happy thoughts into this little E. Hold tight, think of your girls and know we are all wishing the best for you. And yes, the paci is the perfect sign. :)

  7. I’m so glad the thaw and transfer went well. Hope the week has continued to be smooth sailing. I know how hard those 2ww’s are! I’ve been thinking about you!

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