in between

Thanks for all your good wishes! I really appreciate your support. I’m very hopeful, but simultaneously quite scared. Perhaps because I now have a better idea of what we could lose… and what we could gain.

A & C’s due date, February 25/26* will be during my 2ww. Somehow that seems fitting. It would have been a waiting period – theoretically at least, given that they were twins they’d have been early either way, but I never specifically calculated any other date. Now it will be a waiting period, filled with hopeful thoughts for a first step towards bringing home a sibling for them.

For Christmas, H gave me a ring in memory of A & C. We bought it in the same place where we had gotten my wedding jewelery**, and a part of the ring was called “starry sky”. Obviously it was perfect. When I got back here, a few people admired it, but then nobody commented on it for a while – until just before and just after the lining ultrasound. I like to think it was A & C telling us they’re ok with us moving forward.

* even with IVF we didn’t get an exact due date…
** that sounds so fancy and expensive, but in reality I think it was quite modest, or at least appropriately modest for a grad student wedding


6 thoughts on “in between

  1. Beautiful. Ps even with IVF I had 3 due dates. Implantation can take 3 days :) each doctor had their own opinion on when. Hugs* pick the date you feel most connected with.

  2. The ring sounds beautiful. And I am thinking of you. I’m reading this late so your EDD was yesterday, but I know how hard that is. Mine is in a week and a half and it’s terrifying. I hope you got through as ok as possible.

  3. I’d love to see the ring, if you are able/want to post a picture! It sounds beautiful and how sweet of your husband to get it for you in honor of A and C.

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