9 thoughts on “Always remember

  1. Love the shoes. :) So much meaning in them. What I think when I see them is: when you’re feeling down and looking down, the two of them are looking back up at you in love.

    I wanted to let you know that I just read through a big chunk of your blog posts. What a year it’s been for you. So many of your posts made me cry. I feel for you and the burden you and your husband are carrying right now. My hope for you is that that you get all the time you need to mourn your beautiful baby girls and that every day your burden becomes a little lighter.

    I lost a twin pregnancy after 8 weeks, and over 5 years of infertility. Certainly not the same hurt and pain that you are going through. However, I feel like I know a small little slice of what you are going through. It’s been the darkest and scariest place I’ve ever been. So much grief.

    It just doesn’t seem fair.

  2. I wished they had lived to wear them around the house on their tiny feet. But I am happy to think of the huge huge love that you surround them with, since the instant of their conception.

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