or perhaps it was wishful thinking, after all

Do you ever not write about something for fear of jinxing it? I felt this way with my symptoms. And, of course, yesterday afternoon I started spotting, which has since developed into a proper period. Oh well. It would have been too nice.

I am less hungry but still kind of ‘meh’ feeling. Who knows if it was just the progesterone or there actually was something that didn’t make it… I hate the thought of my body failing yet another baby, so I kind of prefer the ‘overinterpretation’ variant. H still wants to do a test tomorrow, before I start the BCPs for the FET, but I don’t think we’ll learn much from it.

I’m still very hopeful for the FET – and terrified it might not work (who isn’t?). With the current schedule, the transfer will be right around a conference I’m organizing. I hope they’ll be on different days… but on the upside, I will be distracted. And if anything, these past few days have shown me how much I want to be pregnant again.


11 thoughts on “or perhaps it was wishful thinking, after all

  1. I hate when your period messes with you like this! Wishing you all the best with your upcoming FET! Having a distraction might be great! So great to hear how much you want to be pregnant again :)

  2. The good thing about an FET is that they should at least be able to schedule it around your conference. As you said, at least now you really know about how you feel regarding getting pregnant again! As always, I’m wishing you all the best!

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