this train is moving

I haven’t even written about all the important parts yet, and suddenly I sit here with a tentative FET timeline. How did that happen?!

Like with seemingly all things IVF, there’s a lot of waiting, and then everything happens very quickly. There’s a reason for the rush, mainly that the FET will be covered if we do it before February. But, while I have entertained the idea for a while now, the thought of actually getting pregnant again is rather scary. The theoretical risk that something might go wrong suddenly becomes a real risk. Will try to focus on the fact that it might actually go right.


17 thoughts on “this train is moving

  1. Wow, that does seem fast! But then again probably not, timelines are all messed up in IF-land. I know it’s got to be a scary thing to contemplate but we’ll be here supporting you every step of the way.

  2. I am impressed that you are ready to jump on board already, but I also completely understand! When I had my miscarriage, Hubby and I were both wanting to do our FET right away but so scared to actually do it. We ended up having to wait awhile, but it all seems to have worked out perfectly. I am hoping it will for you too! I feel bad even comparing my miscarriage with your loss as it in no way really compares, but that is what makes me admire you all the more!

    1. Thanks Amber! I’m not sure “ready” is the right term, but maybe as close as I’ll be in the foreseeable future. And please don’t worry – there is no pain olympics, after all. I think pregnancy losses often have this weird effect of making you want to try again immediately, as you got so close and then it was snatched away – and on the other hand, making you afraid of another loss…

  3. Please email me! I finally have found time to read your story and it’s oh so heartbreaking similiar to mine. 2 perfectly healthy babies lost due to stupid pPROM. I lost mine at 18 weeks and then 21. Horrid.

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