This morning on my way to a meeting I saw birds fly in a V shape. Then they changed formation and made a skewed W.

When anyone presented on a Mac, I often got a glimpse of the A galaxy before their actual slides started.

I’m probably overinterpreting things, but I love those little reminders of my girls.

7 thoughts on “Glimpses

  1. I like to believe that your girls will be with you forever, watching over you as you honour and remember them. I’m glad that you have these little reminders of their magnificence.

  2. I don’t mean to sound like I think I understand this experience, but it seems like it would be a balm on the aching heart to feel like the whole universe is sending you signs that it’s grieving with you, that your girls are everywhere and in everyone’s heart.

  3. This feels very real to me too. When I see things in pairs I like to think of our boys together even if we’re not with them. I also remember how utterly perfect they were. When I see perfection in nature I am reminded of them and smile a little.

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