Trick or treat

Short version: I went back to L&D with even more bleeding and dizziness. After many ultrasounds it still wasn’t clear whether there was leftover placenta or not. Our MFM happened to be on call and helped us make a decision – aspiration, which is less invasive than a D&C (and done without anesthesia) but might get out small amounts of tissue stuck to the uterine wall. Back home and recovering. So far there’s just minimal bleeding; you could almost call it spotting. I really hope it stays this way and tapers off eventually.

I’ll keep the long version for when I get there in the birth story. For now, I’m very glad this October is finally over. And I’ll put in a formal request for that sticker.


7 thoughts on “Trick or treat

  1. Well, that was certainly not a treat by any stretch. A trick maybe. A really nasty one.
    I’m very reassured to read that you went ahead and had the aspiration, and that the bleeding has reduced to spotting. Having had a massive post-partum hemorrhage, that stuff scares the hell out of me. I was really worried for you (even if I didn’t manage to comment on your last post). I’m just so relieved to read that the bleeding has slowed down.
    A bit of unsolicited advice which was given to me and helped a lot: focus on eating iron rich foods now that you have lost so much blood. Your body will be working hard to replenish your hemoglobin and the iron will really help.
    My thoughts are with you everyday, lovely woman.

  2. I am SO SORRY you are facing this extra trauma, and are having to go back to the scene of so much anguish. The fact that people are so oblivious to your reality must feel so lonely and cruel…

  3. Thanks for the advice, dear Augusta. Will try to pick appropriate foods. My blood count (from before the procedure) came back quite ok, so I hope it’s not as bad as it might have been. I’m sure your PPH experience was much worse, it sounded awful.

    Thanks so much to all of you for supporting me through this additional detour.

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