can we just skip October?

And maybe November too, while we’re at it. I’d so much rather wake up just shy of 24 or 28 weeks, respectively, instead of the 19 I will be tomorrow. Not that 19 weeks per se would be a bad thing, but as my cervix measured 1.5cm today, half of what it was on Wednesday, I’m getting rather worried that we might not even make it to viability. I found the measurement particularly mean as I was feeling better – on Thursday through Saturday I took it really easy, and I think that helped. On Saturday I passed quite a bit of brown, almost solid mucus, which I found terribly scary, but my doctors thought likely came from the internal exam. On Sunday we had friends visiting, and I wanted to do some cleaning. Yeah, stupid me. I really hope the shortening was from that (or some other transient cause) and that it’s not too late to reverse it. (Otherwise, it was lovely to have them over, and really they cannot be blamed for my stupidity.)

The rest of the scan went well. It looks like we have two little girls in there! I’m kind of suspicious with one of the pictures, whether there’s really nothing between the legs… but either way, we’re so happy that they are doing well and still unaffected by the situation around them. And now so scared of losing them. It is a heartbreaking feeling that my body might fail my precious babies.

Unfortunately, according to my doctors, there’s not really much they can do at this point in a twin pregnancy. Apparently there’s no scientific evidence that a cerclage or bed rest would help, and that they may actually be harmful. I know that there’s many stories out there of women who made it, often with these – but I’m also a scientist. There is some data that progesterone may help, not enough for significance in twin pregnancies, but it seems fairly clear for singletons, so I think we’ll try that. Because it seems awful to do nothing. And then we have to try and get to 23 weeks and change, re-measure, and consider steroid shots if my cervix is still short. We have a long month ahead of us.

10 thoughts on “can we just skip October?

  1. Oh, that is not the news I was hoping you would get, dear CC. Long and closed is the song I like to sing. Long and closed. I’m really sorry your cervix is shortening and that it is so damn scary. Can’t it just be easy for you? Please universe?
    I’m delighted to learn that the twins are girls. Girls are awesome (although I hear tell that little boys are pretty awesome too).
    Here’s hoping for a pleasantly boring October and November, with fetuses remaining snug inside.

  2. Oh man, what sucky news… I would be pretty terrified at the 1.5 measurement, too. But I don’t understand why bed rest wouldn’t help — isn’t is better to be horizontal so there’s less pressure on the cervix? And same with the cerclage — why doesn’t closing it up do any good? I just can’t believe there wouldn’t be a way to plug yourself up somehow (sorry, that sounds horrendous) and make sure those babies don’t go anywhere. Can you somehow measure yourself, in the mean time, or do you have to keep going in?

    1. Yeah, the lack of options is rather frustrating. I don’t know why those measures don’t help – they’ve done studies and seen it doesn’t give a better outcome, but of course I don’t know the details… Intuitively I agree that bed rest would make sense. I think they worry about blood clots and perhaps muscle loss – keep in mind I hopefully have many, many weeks ahead of me. The MFM was specifically against bedrest, although my regular OB said the next day they might consider it once I get to viability, depending on how things look then.
      For the cerclage, I think it may have to do with the risks of the procedure – even in singletons it’s typically not done after 24 weeks or so, and if you guesstimate that the uterus is about 6-8 weeks “larger” with twins, I’d already have passed that threshold. Don’t know if it’s that or simply results of studies though.
      Home measurements are not an option, as far as I know. The standard is transvaginal ultrasound – I think they can get an idea by a manual exam, too, but (a) that’s not exactly something I want to do on myself, and (b) there probably is some risk of cervix irritation and/or infections, both of which we definitely want to avoid. The MFM also doesn’t want to measure again before 23 weeks, as there’s nothing they can do anyway…

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