• the doctor recommending to get up every hour during the flight: Turbulences. They weren’t really bad*, but we didn’t get to go walk around as much (and it was too bumpy for sleeping, too). Oh well. I’m here and I think all my legs and babies are fine.
  • me: This pregnancy thing is physical work. I’m not quite as tired as in the first trimester, but still have less energy than pre-pregnancy. And I get exhausted much more quickly. Of course I cannot say how much of that is due to the twins (no singleton pregnancy experience to compare to), but I have to admit that this is something I didn’t expect at all.
  • family communication: My dad brought out some wine with dinner** and said that if one was pregnant, one could have it with lots of fizzy water. His wife “Oh, so CC is really pregnant?”
    For a moment I was speechless.
    My brothers were very entertained at the story though.

* Years ago I was on a plane over the Himalayas, in a lightning storm. The whole plane was quiet. At some point came a brief call from a distressed captain, “Cabin crew, take your seats. Cabin crew, take your seats.” Obviously, we made it out ok. Since then, as long as the crew is walking around, I’m not too worried.

** My home country isn’t as serious about this alcohol/pregnancy thing, or at least it wasn’t when my mom was pregnant.


6 thoughts on “unexpected

  1. I have been feeling more energetic, myself…and then I realized how many things I had just stopped doing (such as going to the community garden). So maybe yes, I am a bit tired still. No twins to compare to, but last pregnancy (also a singleton), I was pretty much passing out at 7 every night. No such luxuries with this particular toddler, alas.

    Wine with fizzy water sounds lovely to me. I just steal sips of my wife’s, figuring the total volume of alcohol is negligible.

    1. Being pregnant with a toddler to look after has to be exponentially more exhausting… stopping everything that’s not essential is completely understandable. Hang in there!
      The amount of alcohol is probably negligible either way. With the fizzy water you can have your own glass though ;)

  2. I had a happy hour drink every week in the third trimester. Like half a glass of wine on Friday afternoon. Americans are not good with moderation so medical advice tends to be all extreme. I’m really glad you got there safely, and really sorry your dad’s wife had to say such a ridiculous thing. BOO. Hope you have a great time!

  3. Glad you’re there safely and that the flight wasn’t TOO bad. Hope that you can enjoy the time. Try and nap as often as you can. Since you really ARE pregnant (gh) , you have the perfect excuse. ;)

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