speed checking

Weight, blood pressure, babies’ heartbeats, good to go. I believe this may be what Bunny called “blissfully boring”.

I had never heard the heartbeats before, so that was kind of cool. There were actually two different sounds after a while of searching, one for each baby.

We’ll travel to our home country for family visits in a few days, so I may not post much. Or maybe I will, depending on how the different family reunions go. The doctor told me to get up and walk around every hour, and while I understand why this is important, it made me wonder whether she’d ever been on a 12h flight, particularly one where you leave in the evening and arrive well into the day half a world away… “fortunately” I need to pee quite frequently now, so that may be an automatic trigger.

PS: I included a real-life (or clothed) photo on the bump page because I found it so striking that that belly is getting rather obvious…


7 thoughts on “speed checking

  1. This makes me very happy – i was hoping things were going along just perfectly. Have an absolutely wonderful time at “home.” For some reason I always assumed DH was American – funny how we just make up a story. Anyway, I hope you have a great time and enjoy the family reunions. Do they all know your news already?

    Oh, and as for the flights, I think you’ll be just fine. You’ll WANT to get up and walk around, I think. We went Spain-States twice when I was pregnant with Sofia – once at around 10 weeks and once around 27. Both were fine, obviously. I did wear compression stockings on both flights and think they helped with the swelling, but my calves kind of swell on those long flights anyway. They’re cheap, though, so not a bad idea. We’re hoping to go home again this November and I’ll definitely be wearing them again.

    Safe travels!!!

    1. Thank you! I’ve had compression stockings for long-distance flights since one of my feet swell quite a bit on a flight a few years back — even though that turned out to be due to some particularly nasty mosquito bites….
      The stories, yeah, that’s true — I’m almost always surprised when a blogger posts a photo of herself. Not that I’d necessarily have a mental image of exactly how they look, but somehow the pictures tend to surprise me anyway.

  2. Blissfully boring is just so wonderful. So happy to read that.
    And traveling now = much better than in 15-20 weeks, when I’m guessing the farthest you’ll want to travel to is work, if that. The bathroom may start to seem far.
    Have fun on your trip and soak up the attention you’ll get because of the pregnancy. I’m sure everyone will be so excited for you.

    1. Thank you :)
      In part we’re doing this trip now because we usually go for Christmas and that just didn’t seem like a good idea with a twin pregnancy (or at least not predictable at this point). Work is across the street, but the trip to my OB may seem long in 15-20 weeks…

  3. I love your real clothing bump! Just as long as you keep posting the watermelon version as well…

    And I love the fact that your babies are well even MORE. YAY. That must be such an enormous relief, and such a joy to hear those noises. I hope your trip goes really smoothly–I also failed at the whole “get up every hour” thing, on a much shorter flight. My babies turned out ok…

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