Every time I think my bleeding/spotting has finally stopped it starts again. This time was no exception – on Monday I was wearing a red slip, and when something felt weird and I went to the bathroom, the panty liner had almost become invisible. Isn’t that just what you were hoping for at 12w5d? Me too.
There was some more blood later, and then it largely stopped. Luckily “just” blood, no clots or so. I called the clinic but as it was already in the afternoon and I had my NT scan the next morning we decided to wait until then.

The most important part of the scan, the result, was great — both babies are still there and look great, both trisomy risks are very low. Phew. The scan itself was not that much fun, which was a shame because I think it could have been a great experience, but the ultrasound tech we had was weird. H probably disliked her at first glance, a feeling that was only confirmed. She decided my bladder was too full and I should fill and discard one cup (has that ever happened to any of you?) It was probably meant to make me more comfortable, but somehow the way she went about it was odd. During the scan we tried to ask questions to give her pointers of stuff to talk about, but the communication didn’t work out. Not that she was quiet all the time, just only talking about stuff she wanted to. Including complaints about the lack of cooperation of my babies (see, my protective parent skills are already getting exercised) and how difficult these measurements were to make with twins. To make them move, she pushed the wand like a juggernaut on my belly. Not really hard, but still, dear woman, didn’t I TELL YOU that I had some bleeding yesterday? Could you perhaps be a bit more gentle?!

In contrast, the geneticist we later met to go over our results was lovely. She congratulated us again and recommended we book the anatomy ultrasound for 18-19 weeks, as we’d get lots of ultrasounds later, because twins. H wanted me to specifically ask for another tech but I chickened out, I’m no good at this. Hoping we’ll just be lucky and get someone else…

To get back to the beginning and the title, maybe if I just don’t mention a certain issue anymore, it won’t come up again…


9 thoughts on “it-that-shall-not-be-named

  1. Oh, that darn bleeding. ARGHHHHHH!! I so wish you didn’t have to deal with that. Did the tech or your doc say that it was a subchorionic hematoma that was causing the bleeding? Could they see it on the u/s?
    As per the peeing exactly one cup question, yes it’s happened to me. I found it horrendously hard to stop at one cup, and at least on one occasion, I said fuck it and just emptied my bladder.
    I’m so glad to read that the babies are well. YEAH!

    1. The tech said she couldn’t see anything that would be a concern — I’m not sure how carefully she was looking for that, but I explicitly asked about it, and given that this was a 30min+ ultrasound if there was something obvious she’d probably have run into it. So I’m as wise as ever. And nobody but me seems to be particularly concerned…
      But yes, YAY for healthy babies :)

  2. Both babies are there and looking great! HURRAH. That said, I wish the bleeding would STOP. I’m guessing a twin pregnancy is unlikely to be worry free (’cause singleton ones are! HA!), but I don’t want you to have to be on the edge of your seat every DAY. It’s cruel.

    I think some us techs are all about the “I’m not going to reveal anything” , which makes them not nearly compassionate enough. I’m glad she had nothing but good news for you, despite her crappy manner.

    1. Thanks Bunny! You got the priorities straight. And I do hope the bleeding doesn’t make a reappearance, too. That last one really put me on the edge, more than the others. But as long as the babies are fine, that’s the most important part.

  3. I guess I’ve been lucky so far w/ my techs. The one I had this week was awesome and pointed out every single thing she was looking at to us. Everyone of them has commented about how BabyA was not cooperating to get good measurements, but not in a rude way, it was just the truth. I even had to go back after just a week so they could try again for the nuchal fold rest, which I wasn’t complaining about the opportunity to see my babies again! I’m glad your appt went well other than the weird tech. Hopefully you won’t have too many more, if any, blood or spotting scares. I spotted for about 3 weeks early on and that was bad enough. It’s scary stuff.

  4. Good luck with everything. I had a million ultrasounds with the twins, and I enjoyed them all. Very reassuring. The first three were months were really scary for me too, but once I could feel them kicking around 14 weeks then I had a way of keeping tabs on them. Thinking positive is always good for you and the babies. Cheers.

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