12 weeks

This sounds like a milestone. Depending on which source you ask, I’m at the end of the first or the beginning of the second trimester. My body hasn’t registered any major threshold – I’m still queasy in the mornings and get tired rather early, but as neither of those are real problems, I’m not going to complain.

We haven’t seen the babies in two weeks, so I’m just hoping they’re still hanging in there. The spotting has been absent for at least a week, which is great. The Bump is growing slowly (I’m down to one pair of pants I can wear without a bellyband now), and my boobs are a bit bigger, too. NT scan next week.

I ordered my first piece of maternity clothing – not so much as to celebrate the milestone but because I saw it and fell in love. Now hoping that it’ll actually fit, because they were out of my size according to the charts and it’s end of season… (Actually, if you look back it’s not the first, but that one is huge.)

We’ve been telling people one by one so far, but not made any big announcements. It’s actually been really nice. I’m not a fan of being in the center of attention anyway, even less so for something this precious, this fragile. Other than those that already knew we haven’t mentioned the IVF bit – to my surprise nobody has ever asked whether twins run in our family… It’s not that I don’t want to share this, it just didn’t come up / didn’t feel necessary to tell. Much of this sharing has been at work, so these aren’t all people I’m very close to. My boss (in a two-academic-careers-no-kids couple) took it quite well – she knew we had been struggling for a while and was really happy for us, though I think now she’s starting to worry if I can get all those important things done before the babies get here ;)

Public notice: sorry to anyone with a Blogger blog (and captchas, I think) for not commenting lately – there seems to be some technical glitch and it just won’t let me. Hoping they sort this out soon. I’m thinking of you anyway!


5 thoughts on “12 weeks

  1. I’m asked about twins running in the family all the time. It can be annoying because my twins are identical and it has nothing to do with genetics. (Identical just means that one egg split. Fraternal means two eggs dropped or got fertilized (which could be or not be genetic)). So, I just smile and laugh and say, “Yes, but not close enough for me to think it’d happen to me.” It can be exhausting going into a long scientific explanation every time I’m asked.

    With your experience, I would share only if you want to. It’s completely a personal experience. And you will see that sometimes strangers are just weird. LOL. Sometimes family too.

  2. 12 weeks! How did that happen (well, of course for you, it must have been drawn out). Yeah for ordering maternity clothing. Yeah for telling people you are pregnant. And YEAH! for your most adorable growing bump. I’m so excited for you, CC.

  3. Woooo hooo! 12 weeks is wonderful. As is buying maternity clothing. Your bump is now Totally Pronounced. And I love the watermelon theme… I’m glad people aren’t pestering you to find out how many IVF cylces you did and how many embryos you “implanted” and whether you are glad you’re not going to be an octomom… People and their curiosity. Anyway, I’m so glad you’re telling people, even if it’s more out of necessity. Happy, happy, happy second trimester.

  4. Wow! 12 weeks already!!! Time seems to be flying by, no? Your bump is definitely there so there’s no doubt that there are a couple of growing babies in there!!!


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