Thanks for all your sweet comments! My conference went well and certainly kept me distracted until it was time for my first OB appointment. I also got to meet with one of my mentors, who has three kids and has been very supportive of our IVF journey, which was lovely. (In my field the fraction of women is pretty low, and the fraction of mothers is even lower, so I greatly appreciate this.)

The spotting still hasn’t stopped completely, but it’s decreasing more and more. I’ve had about two days without any spotting. Ironically enough those were days packed with activities like hiking and flying and (the only one that got me worried) the drive to the trailhead on a very bumpy road. Maybe my babies like activity.

It was a bit weird to be thrown in with all the “normal” pregnant women, but weird in a nice way, I suppose. The appointment took 3h, not sure if that is normal — paperwork*, nurse #1, nurse #2 who looks strikingly like our IVF nurse, and finally the doctor. Who seemed nice and down-to-earth and happy with me and the babies. She might not exactly be an expert on twins, at least at this stage:

“You could take extra folic acid, because of the twins.”
“Sure, how much would you recommend?”
“Well… 800mg”
“That’s already in my prenatal vitamin.”
“Oh, well, then you could double that… ”

But I suppose this may be a case of “better safe than sorry”, and there probably is no hard data available. The practice also has a number of perinatologists, in case we should need them later, though of course I hope not.

The ultrasound machine she wheeled in was rather low-resolution — we did get to see that there are two babies with heartbeats, but no more detail, at least not for my untrained eye. Oh well, the NT scan is only a few weeks away, we’ll see more then.

The most surreal part came when I opened a letter from my insurance that evening. It wasn’t a bill or any of the unhelpful information they tend to send around. No, they were granting my clinic’s request (that I didn’t even know about) for prenatal care and “normal delivery”. Which still seems soo far away.

* It included a box where you could mark your “fertility support”, anything from “None” to “IVF with donor eggs”! As both practices are part of the same large hospital, they already knew that we’re having twins :)

7 thoughts on “surreal

  1. those milestones (the OB, the paperwork, sitting with the normal preggos, the insurance letter) are amazing, and I’m thrilled that you get to experience them now. This is really happening! And it’s lovely that you got to connect with your mentor at the conference, but not as lovely as it would be for the spotting to completely stop.

  2. Two babies with heartbeats! YAY! YAY! YAY! Can’t really say it enough. Welcome to normal, casual, crazy OB land. Now what have you got planned to distract you until the next appointment?

    1. Bunny – I hadn’t thought of it this way, but since you mention it there will be:
      * my birthday :)
      * a trip to Yosemite
      * a grant preproposal
      I had actually planned to write a full proposal soon (between the next appt and the one after that) but now we moved that to right around my due date… doesn’t that sound like a great plan?

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