more of the same

I’ve been spotting ever since the bleeding incident, but my doctors said not to worry about it unless it got heavier or crampy or there were clots, and (surprisingly) that kind of worked. Except on Saturday I passed a piece that looked a bit like a gingko leaf. It was dark brown, definitely old blood, but still, a bit concerning. My husband thought it might be a part of the (suspected) subchorionic hematoma. As I had an appointment for Monday morning anyway, and didn’t have bleeding or clots after this, I didn’t even call the clinic.

Today the nurse asked whether I’d had any more bleeding, so I told her what happened. The young doctor began screening, rotated the screen to herself, then to me, then back to herself. I could clearly see two sacks, bigger than last time. The nurse kindly asked “two babies, two heartbeats?” to relieve my tension, which the doctor confirmed. They both looked great, one measuring one day behind, the other 3 days ahead (pictures in the usual location). The hematoma-like spot was nowhere to be seen, so they said I’d probably not have any more “big bleeds”. And with that I graduated from the IVF clinic!

Imagine my delight when, a few hours later, I discovered I had been bleeding again. It stopped, then started again, now is subsiding again. I hope the two little ones are still fine. Perhaps my cervix was not too happy about a vaginal ultrasound and the start of progesterone suppositories on the same day (my clinic is very thorough about progesterone support and has me do PIO until 9 weeks, followed by vaginal suppositories until 12 weeks).

I have two busy work weeks ahead of me, so I may not be posting much. And once I’m back it’s already time for my first OB visit (!). I hope the time passes as uneventfully as possible. While I managed to get used to spotting, I don’t think I can do the same with bleeding.


7 thoughts on “more of the same

  1. I imagine the spotting is nerve-wracking, even when you know it’s likely fine. I hope that your cervix chills out and stops being such a pill about having things stuffed up near it! ;)

    I hope the next two weeks fly by and work keeps you just busy enough!

  2. Never fun to see red while pregnant. I hope you’ve seen the last of the blood until, well, you deliver those precious twins (but just a little blood, please universe). The OB appointment. AH! That helps things feel so real, at least that’s the feeling I got from my first OB apt. SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!

  3. Spotting is always disconcerting, but it seems to be a normal and recurring part of many healthy pregnancies. Either way, be gone spots! Hoping your busy-ness helps the next two weeks fly by. It’s amazing how it seems to drag when you’re waiting to hit all those milestones, but I remember it started to go by faster and faster as things progressed.

  4. I’m so sorry for the extra stress. But the fact that you’ve probably got the old sch really is encouraging. I mean, the fact that there’s an explanation is encouraging. Good luck with your super busy time, and can’t wait to hear about the happy OB visit!

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