eight weeks: odds and boobs

Pure pregnancy post ahead. Feel free to skip if you’re not in the mood or the place for this.

The only reason why we have a bathroom scale is to avoid excess baggage fees at the airport. I was a chubby teenager and decided sometime in college that too much was too much, started to exercise and eat healthier / actually stop when I’m full, and lost 10kg*, most of them permanently. And I decided not to fret about weight during pregnancy.
Yet for some reason (data collection?) I felt inclined to step on the scales sometime in week 5 — and was surprised to see that I lost 2kg from what I thought my pre-pregnancy weight was. Might have to do with being hungry all the time. (The nausea, fortunately, isn’t bad enough to cause weight loss, for all I can say.) A week later I had lost another 2kg. Huh. I began to deliberately eat more, and last week went 3kg up, so at least we’re moving in the right direction now. All the while I haven’t fit into my tight pants. And yesterday a colleague asked if I’d lost weight. Um, well…

My boobs have started to grow a little. For someone starting out with an F (DDD) cup, this isn’t necessarily the most anticipated part of pregnancy, but on the other hand I’ll need somewhere to store milk for two babies. I have some bras I “shrunk” out of (or perhaps the fabric just gave way) that will hopefully last me for a little bit.

Eight weeks, people. This sounds serious. I’m irrationally worried about a missed miscarriage. The thought of staring at this screen with no heartbeat just seems heartbreaking. Not worse than any other m/c, of course — that would be like comparing losing a loved one to a slow fatal disease or to a car accident. Both are horrible.
Next appointment is on Monday, the last one with my RE. Then appointment with the OB/gyn two weeks later.**

Conversely, I’m equally irrationally worried about suddenly “popping” and not fitting into my big jeans anymore. If, you know, the babies are still happy and growing. This happens later, right? I’m leaving for a conference in about a week — but the climate up there is much warmer, and I have some stretchy skirts, so I’ll work it out somehow. I’m probably just projecting my fears on something that seems controllable. (And most of the time I’m doing fine, don’t worry.)

* sorry for the metric units, I’ve never gotten used to US pounds… Google is awesome at converting them though
** the 2wws, they never stop, do they?


8 thoughts on “eight weeks: odds and boobs

  1. Awww…I don’t think there’s anything irrational about worrying about either thing. Well, maybe it’s a little irrational to worry you’re going to pop suddenly in the middle of a meeting or something. Surely it will at least happen gradually overnight and you’ll wake up to GIANT TWIN BELLY… Anyhow, congratulations on 8 weeks! (Love the bump shot!)

    I’ve known some perfectly healthy women to lose weight at the start–doesn’t sound like you’re worrying, but just in case. I do hear that with twins one does have to really put effort into gorging. I remember an internet friend growing twins who had a regimen of milkshakes and hamburgers because her OB was like YOU NEED FAAAAAAT. (Actually, I had a regimen of after dinner milkshakes, too, but that was for heartburn) SO, to get to the point, it’s awesome that you’re focused on it early.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement on the weight! I do feel a bit silly eating quite this much.
      As for the belly, I was more thinking “what if I wake up on day two of the conference and none of my pants fit?” But yeah, even that may be unlikely.

  2. I started out with an F (DDD) cup and by the end of the first trimester I was in a G. I’m scared to see just how much bigger they are going to get when my milk comes in!

    I read a couple twin pregnancy blogs and their doctors suggest gaining weight early because you run out of room quickly with two babies. A good post on this can be found here: http://akgriswoldfamilyblog.blogspot.com/2012/12/eating-for-three.html.

    As far as popping, I have just one baby in my belly and wore regular people pants until week 15 or so. I didn’t pop until 18 or 19 weeks. Maternity pants are the bomb though so if you feel like your pants are getting too tight, don’t be afraid to buy a pair or two. They are super comfortable!

  3. FWIW, I absolutely share your fear of the missed miscarriage. It’s almost ridiculous, because we only have that fear because of a lack of spotting. A GOOD thing, and yet… the mind goes where it goes… You’re doing wonderfully!

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