seven weeks

Pure pregnancy post ahead. Feel free to skip if you’re not in the mood or the place for this.


Actually seven was yesterday. Depending on which source you read, our babies are the size of a blueberry each. Actually it strikes me how different the sizes quoted in my books and apps are, given that OBs use the size to date pregnancies.

I am so tired in the evenings, it is like being jet-lagged. My husband, firmly in the late-to-bed, late-to-rise camp, is not amused. Tired and hungry are my two main symptoms, in fact I think large parts of my nausea have to do with being hungry. And then I eat too much and end up feeling sick again. Will work on that balance. But I have started making my breakfast (above) twice, one to eat right then and one to take into work and help me get through the afternoon.

I have taken a leaf out of Bunny’s book and set up a bump page. For all those of you who’d like to see belly and ultrasound pictures (ok, nevermind there isn’t much of a belly yet, or at least not a baby belly). In front of our shower curtain, although it isn’t nearly as fancy as YeahScience’s.

After finding out we’re actually having twins, my sweet husband also ordered a twin pregnancy book for me. Admittedly the entire two-babies-at-once thing seems a bit overwhelming at times. One of my colleagues is nine months pregnant, and looking at her I have no idea how two babies are supposed to fit into one belly. Let alone caring for two tiny newborns at once. And then the whole host of concerns about possible complications… I’ll try to take it one day at a time. (While we’re on the topic, the spotting thankfully has remained spotting.)


3 thoughts on “seven weeks

  1. I”M IN THE MOOD! Man, does it thrill me to tears to see you getting to post about pregnancy.

    My husband was astonished at the tiredness. It’s still one of his clearer memories of the whole thing. It’s insane and wonderful. And the nausea. It helped me to eat small quantities of stuff like chocolate covered nuts–sweet, but also good protein. Whatever, you’ll find your magic cure. Saltines…

    I LOVE YOUR HUSBAND. He’s such a total sweetie. Once the TWO BABIES AT THE SAME TIME thing is upon you, I have some great twin mama internet friends you need to know…I think no one can quite understand except those who have experienced it. In the meantime, sending lots of love from Auntie Bunny to your sweet blueberries.

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