Everything was going so well, with sore breasts and nausea but otherwise fine. And then I started bleeding. The bright red kind. 5 minutes before friends were due to arrive for the evening.

I can go in tomorrow for an early ultrasound and another beta. Until then, I’ll try to relax and hope that this doesn’t mean it’s over…


2 thoughts on “Bleeding

  1. Oh sweetie. I’m so sorry about this scare. It must be agonizing to wait to find out what’s going on… I do have to say, though, bleeding (including the red, gushing, unbelievably BLEEDY kind) is so common as to be almost NORMAL. Like your doc should have said and when you start bleeding, don’t despair! I’ve seen so many women go through this, which doesn’t make it fun, but will hopefully offer some encouragement.

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