the quantitative (and much longer) version

I almost didn’t want to come out of my happy this-might-have-worked bubble and face reality with HPTs or actual beta numbers. But Friday came, and I went to my 8:30am appointment. Asked, the woman said it’d take “at least 4 hours” to get the result. I spent some of those trying to be productive (ha!) but somehow ran out of patience* and tested. I saw my second line, first ever, just moments before Bunny’s sweet comment.

The men in my life had a funny reaction to this picture: My husband appeared unconvinced at the faint line. My brother asked rather bluntly what it meant. Turns out he didn’t know how these test work (“I have never peed on one of these” was his reasonable excuse) — he’s in med school**, but clearly specializing on other topics. To my great entertainment, my husband later peed on a stick and confirmed that he got no second line at all, not even a faint one.

I had emailed my nurse, and then her “vacation cover”, that I’d have a meeting mid-afternoon but would be reachable before and after that. A few minutes before the meeting, my phone rang. A very sweet nurse explained that the lab*** still didn’t have the results, but would have them in an hour, and that her colleague would later call me back. At that point I was (a) quite annoyed at the lab and (b) so glad I tested, I’d have freaked out. By 5:30pm, the nurse finally called. My beta is 886! Counting egg retrieval as ovulation, I should be 16dpo now, putting me closer to the center of the twin distribution than to that of singletons. We’d be happy with either. Next beta on Monday.

I still cannot quite believe it. I know there’s a number of hurdles ahead, but for now, please excuse me while I go celebrate with my husband. And thanks again for your support and your good thoughts!

* I’m not the most patient person in the world, so in a way it’s more surprising that I waited out until today than that I caved now…

** first year, and in my home country they start straight out of high school, but I was still a bit surprised…

*** unlike all my estrogen level blood draws, this one isn’t done in my clinic but in a lab covered by my insurance

6 thoughts on “the quantitative (and much longer) version

  1. WOAH! That’s a really great beta! Like, phenomenal. A rock star way to get this baby party started. So relived things are going well, and that you have the sense to celebrate! Plenty of time to get anxious later.

    So sorry to hear about your husband’s negative test. But it would have been really rough for both of you to be pregnant at the same time, and what if you BOTH ended up having twins! Could be CRAZY!

  2. That beta is out of the ballpark. AWESOME!
    I think celebrating every step is so important. That BFP and great beta are huge cause for celebration.
    I’m thrilled for you, C.C.

  3. WONDERFUL!! I definitely think it could be twins cooking in there! I am so, so happy for you! And I’m hoping for a nice, fat, strong beta today as well!

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