a random collection of nervous bullets

  • Over the weekend I thought I might go back to some of the regular yoga exercises I had been doing previously, after two weeks of fertility yoga. Except on Monday morning I felt queasy, and on Tuesday it was pretty much all-day queasiness. My innards remind me of an active volcano, considering eruption (although fortunately so far nothing has actually happened yet). So I’m sticking with the laid-back version that just gives an extra Good Morning serving of oxygen to all my cells and embryos, and some sanity to me.
  • My tight pants are too tight.
  • H is getting increasingly worried about twins. The other day he threw two 20-sided dice – 2 and 2 came up. I keep telling him we haven’t even made it across the 50% barrier of getting pregnant at all, although I have to admit that I’m really hopeful at this point.
  • I saw some cute shoes downtown. H asked to see them online. I had to laugh when I saw their name.

11 thoughts on “a random collection of nervous bullets

  1. HA! Those are some crazy omens. You certainly have every reason to be hopeful, and I’m right there with you, going pretty insane with hope. I admire your ability to wait for beta…

    1. Bunny — in part I’m trying to accept that I don’t have control over the outcome, and that finding out earlier won’t change anything. I didn’t feel much in control for this entire IVF, and yet until now it did work out quite well. The other part is that I don’t have a good history with HPTs (as in, they were always negative) and have no intention of continuing that…

  2. thursday to day. Oh sweet baby J, I can hardly wait until tomorrow. I can’t imagine how you feel (well, I can a little, based on my own experience. But I still have no clue how you feel). TWINS! TWINS! TWINS! (just shouting so the universe hears me).

  3. I have to say that Stan was convinced from the get-go that it was going to be twins with Sofia (which it sort of was), so maybe your H is on to something… (Stan has been the same way this time around as well – from just a few days post-IUI, so eeek!) Either way I’m hoping for a healthy 8 months! And I think you should buy those shoes. Not only are they adorable (and how adorable is the description of them!?) but they’re Spanish! ;)

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