so much fat

Yesterday my clinic called me to ask how I’m doing in my 2ww, which I thought was very sweet of them. In fact, I had two presentations at work last week and have thus been so busy that sitting around and wondering wasn’t really an option. Not that I don’t think about our precious little embryos every day hour minute (ok, maybe every few minutes). But overall I’ve been remarkably calm, much in contrast to previous (natural) cycles that had me in tears about the possible outcome every other day.

I still don’t have many side effects, not even sore boobs, which I’ve definitely had in the past. The progesterone shots and the egg retrieval were the two parts of IVF I was physically most afraid of. After retrieval I was sore, but not worse than after my saline sonogram (though I’m sure the drugs helped). My husband is admirably performing the PIO shots, although his frequent comment on the fact that I have “so much fat” back there shadows the experience slightly. He’s quick to reassure that this only is a technical observation because he needs to get the needle into the muscle, but still, not what a girl wants to hear. Although, admittedly – the nurse offered to draw circles around the injection sites after retrieval, and when I took her up on it, she made smileys. Which I thought was cute and wanted to post here, until I saw the picture H took. My butt is so out of shape it isn’t pretty. (My front side is fine, if I may say so myself, so that sort of came as a surprise.)

Something – or, hopefully, someone – is pinching me from the inside every now and then. Beta on Friday. I hope this week will pass as quickly as the last one, and I so much hope we’ll get good news on Friday. Thanks for hoping with me :)

6 thoughts on “so much fat

  1. I love that I always find bloggers at the most exciting part of their journey! Just tuning in now and wow — can’t wait to see what happens on Friday… your IVF cycle sounds like it produced great results and I think your calm demeanour during the 2ww can only help things. I swear, if I had to put money on it, I’d totally bet on a BFP. :)

  2. sounds like you are handling this 2ww like a rock star. Your husband, on the other hand, could use a little coaching.
    May Friday bring the best news of all. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

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