precious cargo

There’s a picture of two embryos on our fridge.

The embryologist called yesterday morning to let us know that all our 10 embryos were still growing (!) and that two beautiful ones were ear-marked for transfer. The other, while not in bad shape, had some degree of fragmentation, and they didn’t feel comfortable growing them out to blastocyst stage. So we came in for a day 3 transfer. Everything was fairly relaxed as we were the only patients at the time, probably because of the weekend. We went over all the embryo ratings — and then had to decide whether to transfer one or two. Previously we had mostly been talking about a blast transfer, in which case we’d have transferred one, so it was kind of an ad-hoc decision… we went with two, because a 50% chance of getting pregnant sounded better than a 30% chance, even if it includes a 25% chance of twins.

For the rest of the weekend I tried to take it easy, although sometimes it seemed that my body confused “resting” with “nesting”. I love these two little ones already and hope so much that at least one of them sticks around for the next 9 months.

There’s two embryos in my uterus, and seven more in cryo sleep. I can hardly believe it.

5 thoughts on “precious cargo

  1. That’s wonderful! We did the same thing — transferred 2 embryos on day 3. In fact our clinic only does 3-day transfers; they claim to get better pregnancy rates that way than waiting for a blast transfer. Good vibes to you and your precious cargo! Watch lots of trashy movies and/or read lots of trashy novels to pass the next 2 weeks.

    1. Thanks G&L! I’m so glad it worked for you :)

      Interesting about the day 3 transfer – I think my clinic actually mentioned something similar, or at least that rates for day 5 transfers aren’t really better. However, they’re pushing for elective single embryo transfer, and the chances of that working out seem to be better on day 5…

  2. EEEEEEEEEeeeeee! I was hoping for good news when I checked in this morning, but this is WONDERFUL NEWS. Sounds like you guys have the best possible chance of having this work, and now it’s just a coin toss. Visualizing it coming down “at least one little head” side up!

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