up and down

After the slow start, my estrogen rose appropriately — “definitely conservative”, as one of my doctors described it (and it isn’t often that I’m described as conservative), but still, it was going in the right direction. Until today, when it came back at fivehundredsomething, after over 700 on Sunday (as I mentioned, conservative). Sigh. After the ultrasound, which showed a small group of follicles at the right size and a larger group that are a tad behind, the plan was to wait for the estrogen level, and trigger if it’s high enough, or continue for another day otherwise. Well, now that it went down we’re going to trigger anyway, and hope that the levels will go up tomorrow. As the follies were still around this morning, it’s unlikely that I already ovulated.

Yesterday I felt unwell and exhausted for a while, but then suddenly got better, and I’m wondering if that has anything to do with the drop. Fortunately the only symptom I have, occasional pinching and a feeling of pressure in the ovaries, came back this afternoon, which I hope is good news.

The part that stresses me out the most is that we did end up getting a pre-paid IVF+FET package — and after ER, there is no way to cancel any more. So I’m worried that we go into retrieval and then there’s nothing to retrieve… and we’d still have lost all our IVF funds. If my levels don’t go back up, my clinic would do an ultrasound just before ER to make sure there are follicles around. Until then, I’ll try to take it one breadth at a time.


2 thoughts on “up and down

  1. Well, I have nothing of any wisdom to add, but I am thinking of you (despite my not commenting – I’m here!!). I hope that your numbers go back up today and that you make it to retreival and transfer!!

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