left and right

This has never been my strength, as anyone who has tried to give me directions would confirm. Apparently my ovaries agree — the left side has a decent number of follicles, but the right only has one. There are a few small ones that may or may not catch up, we’ll see.

The original idea of my doctor was that we’d have many eggs, and to go to day 5 to select the best. H and I had long discussions on what to do with leftover frozen embryos… I think I didn’t realize how much of a black box IVF, and perhaps the first IVF in particular, really is. For now my medication (which for some amusing reason is manufactured in my home country) hasn’t changed, apart from leaving out the Lupron. They still seem reasonably happy with my progress, so that should be reassuring. We’ll see more tomorrow. I’m trying to keep in mind that all we need is one good egg that sticks.


7 thoughts on “left and right

  1. Well, at least you have contrnders, despite the imbalance. Yes, several moral/philosophical questions emerge with IVF. I would say that if it helps, don’t count embryos before you kn

    1. Oops – darn phone typing.
      So yes, counting embryos before Day 5 can lead to much disappointment. One day at a time (at the risk of sounding completely annoying and redundant)

  2. I’m sure that like me you’ve seen all sorts of outcomes–the woman who has 30 eggs at retrieval but no embryos, the woman who has two eggs and two embryos and gets two babies out of one stim cycle…I am hoping you are the woman in the middle–a large enough number that you don’t have to be miserably terrified the whole time, and at least one baby. For now, patting you gently on the back. It’s terrifying to observe, so I can only imagine living it.

    1. Bunny – yeah, that’s confusing. Looking at all the stories out there I’m actually surprised they use it as an indicator, but apparently, they do (or at least some clinics, I guess). Without standard deviations I don’t believe it is significant though…

      Most of the IVF has been surprisingly anticlimactic — time just flies by, with some injections here and some results there. It’s only the outliers that disturb me. I have also been fortunate to not have any noticeable side effects so far. And yeah, middle ground would be nice.

  3. As I think about a possible IVF cycle this summer, I find myself obsessing over many of the things you mention – particularly frozen embryos. And then I smack myself because that would be a loooooooong way away…

    1. It’s true that it’s a long way, but at least here you need to sign all those consent forms, what to do in case of divorce, death etc. before you can start… (I understand that the clinics want to stay out of such mess, but for us these weren’t easy discussions)

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