symbol overload

Bamboos and roses were the centerpiece of our wedding flower arrangements. So when we needed to stop by IKEA recently, I picked up a a couple of bamboos — my original plan was to match them to the number of years we’ll soon be married, for our upcoming anniversary. But then I thought that three would be a sweet number, and it happened so that one of them looked slightly different than the other two… H thought that was sweet, too (or maybe the fact that I couldn’t hold back tears when I tried to explain him why 3), so home we went. Imagine my horror upon finding out that the little bamboo had been damaged in transit…

Last Friday, a usually rather grumpy cleaning lady wished me a happy Mother’s Day. I just smiled and wished her the same. She proceeded to say that she “knew I was a mother, that’s why she said it”. (I was speechless.)

In less mysterious events, I have started my Lupron injections and am almost done with the BCPs. Ladies and Gentlemen, please hold on, this train is moving.


2 thoughts on “symbol overload

  1. I don’t put too much stock in signs and symbols. Your little bamboo hit a bumpy spot but it doesn’t mean you guys will. And I believe that mom and dad’s arms are strong enough to hold on, even over those bumpy spots. You’ll get your “#3.” I believe it.

    And, holy crap!! Stims SOON (or now?!?!)! Good luck!!!

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