it’s a rich man’s world

Our insurance has officially denied coverage for IVF. While this doesn’t come as a surprise, it still sucks. I grew up with socialized health care, and basically everyone from there is flabbergasted when I tell them about how much even trying is going to cost us (Ginger and Lime had some good posts about this recently).

Due to some lucky circumstances, we’ll be able to afford trying anyway — once. And maybe a FET, should we have anything to freeze. If neither of those works out, it’ll be a long time until we can try again. I’d like to think positive and hope we won’t get to that point, but sometimes it is hard to shake that nagging feeling of what if. I already feel incapable for not being able to get pregnant the way so many other people do. I’ll feel even more incapable for not being able to afford the treatment it would take, even though rationally that probably has less to do with my capabilities and more with the unfairness of not recognizing infertility as a disease that deserves insurance-covered treatment, the salaries paid to scientists, the crazy rents in this amazing city, etc. To cut my long ramblings short, we’re looking into the ARC packages with a money-back option. If you have any experiences with this, or any other ideas on how to finance IVF and/or how to spend tons of money on something that, more often than not, doesn’t work out and not feel bad about it, I’d love to hear them.


4 thoughts on “it’s a rich man’s world

  1. Well, fudge. I’m glad that you can still proceed, but I can imagine how stressful it must be to add financial stress on top of “regular” TTC stress.

    Just a question – have you thought of doing IVF in your home country? I know a couple of bloggers who’ve done that (one here in Spain and one in Eastern Europe) because of the huge cost savings (not only treatments, but also staying with family, etc.). They did monitoring and early stimming locally and then flew abroad for ER and ET… I don’t know if that would be an option for you at all, but maybe worth a thought?

    1. The insurance system in my home country is different from e.g. Spain — I don’t have insurance coverage there any more (it’s coupled to your job, or being registered unemployed), so I’d have to pay out of pocket, and then it’s not cheaper any more than here, in particular with the flights…

  2. Oh no! I’m sorry that you can’t get IVF covered. This is a true injustice about infertility – not only is it so painful emotionally and physically to go through, but it also ends up costing so much to treat! Thinking of you…

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