small setbacks, but moving forward overall

So this getting-back-to-blogging thing isn’t as easy as I thought. I still don’t quite know where I fit in. I’ve changed the theme a few times and am still not happy with it. Nor, as you may have noticed, have I written much at all.

One of the regular pre-cycle checks included varicella antibodies, and it turns out I have none. All the itching (years and years ago) for naught…. I’ve gotten the first shot, and will get the second in a few weeks. After that I’ll still have to wait for a month before the first possible ET. Which, given how long we’ve waited to make this happen, isn’t really much. Also, my husband wants to travel home for Christmas and would like to schedule our IVF such that a transatlantic flight is in the cards for that time. (I’ve tried to explain that this isn’t quite as schedule-able as other things, but was largely unsuccessful.) So we’re aiming for a June transfer. And my overall feeling is — excitement. And hope. Of course I know this won’t necessarily work, that IVF and ICSI are not cure-alls. But it might. Our doctors give us a 50% chance, which is way higher than anything we’ve had in the past. Lately I’ve spent an unreasonable amount of time reading about yoga during pregnancy. You see, I clearly believe this might actually work.


9 thoughts on “small setbacks, but moving forward overall

  1. I am glad to read there is such cause for hope. And in my experience, June is a wonderful time for an embryo transfer. I really hope all the stars align, and that the IVF cycle goes smoothly and on schedule. I’m glad you are working with such a good RE, that you are feeling like you’re in good hands.
    Thanks for the lovely comments you’ve been posting on my blog. I appreciate them so much.

  2. @%@#!&^*#(@!!! Stupid wordpress has been denying me your updates. I’m glad to read that things are happening, if in a low-morphology, slow timeline, crazy transatlantic flight plan way. But…JUNE! As you say, that’s not so horribly far off, and it’s a great month to get pregnant. I say read about yoga during pregnancy all you want. I don’t necessarily buy into the power of visualization, but I do believe it’s got to be a lot more useful to imagine a big old belly than any other outcome.

  3. I hear you about how long you’ve waited ’till now and it just being one more month, but DAMN, the waiting sucks. I had hoped to be cycling again by now, but life gets in the way and things are out of our control. I am so hopeful for you and this IVF cycle. 50% are pretty darn good odds to have.

    (If it turns out we end up at IVF, we’re also looking at a cycle in June, although perhaps not until late June-early July… maybe I’ll see you there…)

    1. I was really upset at first, but now I got used to it. We also still need to sort out the financial stuff, which really is something I’m not keen on dealing with… so I’m okay with waiting a little bit. And it’s not that long anymore — I’m starting BCPs in 10 days (!!)
      Hope you’ll get away without IVF — I’ll cross my fingers for a successful IUI before June!

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