much, much later

It’s been a long time. So many of you have moved on and have a baby (or even two!) now. I’m very happy for you, I truly am. But also feel stuck in the same place as almost two years ago.

Between moving to the other end of the world an the butt pain becoming too annoying to bear, we stopped trying for a while (as in, back on BCPs). And for a while I was fine with that. But eventually I asked for a referral to Big Teaching Hospital — the wait for talking to one of their endometriosis specialists was 2+ months, but worth it, I think. My doctor seems very experienced (or maybe it’s just that I accidentally found out that she has over 200 papers on the issue, that always helps in impressing a scientist ;) and I feel like she gives me a realistic understanding of what might work and what is less likely to.

The odd part is that, apart from my history, things look okay on my side. Follicles, check, lining, check, ovulation, check, clean uterine cavity, check. So the main data point we’re waiting for is the next SA — if it has significantly improved over the previous ones, we’ll try IUI, otherwise it’ll be IVF. Which is not only much more expensive, but also not covered by insurance in the slightest. We’re lucky in that we have insurance that would cover part of the IUI costs — but if that won’t work for us, it seems a bit like all-you-can-eat: sounds good at first, but perhaps not what you really need. I have no idea how we’d finance IVF, but that has time for later posts. I’ll try to slowly find my way back into this, and, admittedly, I’m not keen on trying to open that particular can of worms.


6 thoughts on “much, much later

  1. Wow! IUI or IVF! That’s quite exciting. I hope the break let you gather some strength. I admit I’m always excited when people start treatments, because as much as I know they don’t necessarily work, and are high stakes and painful (literally and figuratively), it does help a girl get unstuck. I hope so much it unsticks you in a having a baby way!

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