(breathe out)

Luckily I could get an appointment this week for my scary lump. My doctor listened to my report, did an exam and then an ultrasound. She said she thought it felt like a cyst, which should show up on the screen as a “black hole”. But there wasn’t any. There wasn’t anything irregular to be seen at all. Phew. My doc said it might be something fibroid-y, which she wouldn’t necessarily see on the u/s. She’s not a breast specialist so she gave me a referral, to make sure, but I’m feeling very relieved. (Do I have to tell you that I hardly slept last night?) Hoping, of course, that the specialist — whom I’ll only see in mid-April — won’t find anything worrisome either.

I also told her about my theory of inversions, endometriosis and exercise, and she seemed a bit skeptical, but said that perhaps, a combination of factors could cause this (and I know many women that practice the same sports I do, and feel fine), and that she would ask other patients about their exercise if they came in with similar complaints.

Phew (again).


9 thoughts on “(breathe out)

  1. I second that Phew! So glad to hear this. As for your doctor’s skepticism about your theories, hey, you’ve found a way to reduce your suffering, and that’s what matters!

  2. Glad that nothing showed up on the scan, and also glad that she’ll send you to a specialist. Some women, myself included, have very, very dense breast tissue, which can sometimes feel very much like lumps (I also have very cystic boobs, which makes exams and mammograms excruciating). It’s very good to get it all checked out, and the specialist may want to do a “baseline” on you, just so that you/they can keep track of anything that pops up in future.

  3. Oh, am so sorry to read about this scare, and very relieved, but now jumping to say what Adele said!!! I was going to write about my scary 24hrs of breast lumpiness, but it turned out to be fibrocystic breast “disease” (hate that word) which is just cyclical hormonal lumpiness. My doc also keeps this scan as a baseline but nothing worrisome has happened since then (diagnosed 2006). Very scary to go through but FBD is very very very common and most likely this is nothing to worry about. Very important to get it looked at though.

    As someone who also suffers from the extreme period pain, am glad your pain is lessened. I was recently prescribed iron tabs (100mg per day) and have to say this has made a huge difference.

    Sorry for being late on the comment, am so very behind on blogs right now.

  4. Thanks all, especially to Adele and Andie for sharing your experiences! I’m glad that the scares have not come back. And I will ask for the baseline thing, although, as I’m about to move countries, the question is how useful this will be… (I’ll take the results with me, but still, with a different continent, different language etc. I’m not sure how much value it’ll have).

    Bunny, she actually did see that point. And even if she hadn’t, for me this is the most important part.

    Andie: the iron supplement thing is interesting, I’ve never heard of that. Fortunately (knock on wood) at the moment I’m really ok, pain-wise (is that a sad thing to say or what?).

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