there probably is an app for that

Thanks all for your kind comments. You ladies are lovely, and I’m not sure what I would do without you. I’ll also write a follow-up on the inversions soonish (whatever that means around these parts at the moment).

It is CD1 again (and as we only had sex a whole week before ovulation, I’m trying not to be too disappointed, although there probably is someone out there getting pregnant from sex loong before O without even trying… anyway), and I’m thinking of using an (iPhone/iPod) app instead of the paper version of charting. Any suggestions? Experiences?


7 thoughts on “there probably is an app for that

  1. If I remember rightly womb4improvement tried some apps out and blogged about it, some time ago. Must be in her archives somewhere. I used to use fertilityfriend online. I think it is pretty accurate, if charting works for you.
    Good luck with it, in any case.

  2. Ah, the disappointment of AF is inescapable even when you thought you really did not have a chance, really. Hmm, can’t help on the app thing as my phone is rubbish. Like Twangy I used FF. Best wishes for this new cycle.

  3. I’ve heard that there IS an iphone app for that, though I haven’t tried it. And you’re right. Out there, somewhere in the world, there’s a woman who is getting pregnant at this very moment from a distance of twenty yards. A week before o time.

  4. I’ve used the Woman Calendar app. I like it to track all my info, but I don’t love the charting – I still download into fertility friend, but I’m a bit obsessed.

    Good luck this month!

  5. I used cycle charts available online, and also kept note in a diary about my cycle days.

    Have no idea of the phone apps though. Good Luck with that.

    And thank you for the very kind comment you left for me.


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