The supplements

It took us a while to get the supplements for H — no pharmacy had them in stock, and in part I was just unorganized / too busy with other stuff. Turns out, I wouldn’t have needed to hurry — first, they are bloody expensive, and second, H hates their taste. As in, he hasn’t even taken more than one, so far.
I had hoped that, as they’d surely be cheaper than IUIs, we could just give this semi-natural TTC a shot as we won’t be doing treatments next year anyway (which I’m not happy about, but that’s for another post). But now, for a price of four boxes I could almost get an IUI, or at least the sperm-related part of it (i.e., no drugs for me), and if the taste really is so bad I frankly don’t know if it’s worth it…

In other news, my boobs are sore and I’m constipated, but at 2dpo this is certainly isn’t a pregnancy symptom. My pre-ovulatory time was painful again — less in the buttocks but more around the tailbone, if you care for such details. This is all rather weird and annoying, and I don’t really know what to do about it. Maybe I should get a second opinion — my doc says that a lap would not be helpful at this point, as there’s nothing big to be removed, and seeing the tailbone region would be difficult too. However, I’m not inclined to spending 2/4 weeks on painkillers every month, so something has to be done…

11 thoughts on “The supplements

  1. Is there any way he can take the supplements with a chaser of orange juice or something to make the taste better? I hate to think of you spending all that money on supplements and not using them! I’m so sorry you’re in pain… Hope it gets better soon!

  2. My hubs took them with a glass of coke. It was the only way he could get them down. I always take pills with OJ to kill the taste. With really bad ones, I take a sip first and then slip the pill in so it floats on the liquid and never touches my tongue, then swish it to the back of my throat and swallow fast. It’s a silly process, but it works.

  3. Uggh, I wasn’t too sympathetic to your husband (because of all the horrible things WE have to go through) until I read it was a powder! There’s no way to make that go down easily. How frustrating for both of you. I’m also really sorry you’re still having such pain.

  4. Hmm, maybe he could choke down the powder if you mixed it in with a very spicy curry or something. There’s got to be a way to disguise it!

    I’m sorry to hear about your pain, though. It seems like the further we get down the IF rabbit hole, the less can be explained….

  5. You DEFINITELY should not spend that much time in pain. I’m all for getting another opinion. Could it even be something else completely? And tell your hubs to start downing that stuff:) Easier said than done, I know. But, really, it might make a huge difference to your chances.

    But I’m going to hope that you’re just very susceptible to early pregnancy symptoms and that none of the above matters.

  6. Oh the powder supplement sounds horrible. The only suggestion I could make is that your DH holds his nose while he swallows it. Not breathing through your nose cuts off so much of your ability to taste. I remember when I was taking some awful tasting TCM concoction a few years back this is the only way I could take it without wanting to throw up. Then as soon as he’s finished swallowing the concoctgion make sure he has a big glass of something yummy to drink straight afterwards to wash any aftertaste away. Would be so much easier if they were in pill form though!!

    As for your pain, I can’t shed any light. But it doesnt seem like something that you should have to put up with. I would be inclined to think getting a second opiniion would be worthwhile because like you say, you can’t keep medicating yourself for weeks on end.

    Best of luck

  7. The pain doesn’t sound right at all. Get a second opinion if you can – don’t put up with it.

    (And tell your husband to man up and neck that stuff! Not that I am one to talk mine is terrible about taking his pills and not for such a valid reason as a bad taste – just because he forgets. Sigh).

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