Saw a guy wearing this:

Physics is like sex. Sure, there are some practical outcomes, but that’s not why we do it.

Could refrain from telling him that he might re-assess this once he was doing physics (or sex) in order to achieve something practical. And how much less fun that could be.


6 thoughts on “T-shirt

  1. :) I wonder what our version of this would be. “Physics is like sex. Sometimes, it’s pure drudgery. And you STILL don’t understand all the logistics…”?

  2. Ha!!!! I agree 100%. Like, sometimes I do science to save my career from crashing and burning, and that is a lot less fun…

    And sex, well. Of course! Ha ha ha

  3. Anyone want to buy my t-shirt? “Physics is like sex for infertiles: you have to repeat the same experiment a depressing number of times in order to be sure it will never work, and then you can’t even know which of the many variables are causing the mismatch between your theory and your results and also there are sometimes lab coats involved.”

  4. Bunny and Adele, I’d love your t-shirts. I was a bit scared about the part with the lab coats, until I realized that it wasn’t us wearing them… can’t you tell I’m much happier when I’m the one in the coat?

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