left vs. right

Yesterday I was experiencing this odd, dull pain that I sometimes have mid-cycle. It’s as if something was swollen, getting worse e.g. when I sit down. It’s gone now — I think (and hope, actually — that would be good timing :) that it’s some sort of ovulatory pain, even though my temperature went down today instead of up — might be the dip before the rise.
On the left side, I get what seems to be “classic ovulatory pain”, where (I think) the ovary is. On the right I haven’t experienced this, so my theory is that this dull pain is it. Are your sides so different as well?

Also, and rather unrelated, I just spoke to my insurance as I haven’t received any reimbursement for my winter 2nd opinion — turns out they haven’t even received my application. Argh. The guy told me he would check if my stuff has arrived anywhere, and let me know. Let’s see.


3 thoughts on “left vs. right

  1. After I had a cyst on my right side, my right ovary has been wonky every midcycle. Even when I ovulate on the left! The left is a more classic pop. And sometimes, I feel nothing at all.

    Insruance is so frustrating!

  2. I have different kinds of ovary pain when ovulating – I think it comes from having been cut into in the last surgery. Maybe there is scar tissue or adhesions, but I feel a dull ache and like my ovary is swollen on occasion, sometimes even with pain when sitting down. Other months it’s just a twinge or two or a couple sharp, stabbing pains.
    Don’t know what to tell ya! It’s all a mystery, despite our educated guesses :). Hoping it was ovulation for you, though!

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