when the 2 in 2ww isn’t a 2

Thanks for all your kind comments on the last post. I’m still not bleeding (though I had another horrible dream, with amounts of blood that would easily qualify for the ER).

For a while, my 2ww was really a 1.3ww — hello LPD. That clearly was a problem. Now with the progesterone though, I’m 21dpo. That’s 3 weeks. Some cramping (middle, left, right), some pain in the boobs, but nothing that seems like a “real” symptom (and even if real, it might be caused by the progesterone). I need to pee a lot, but maybe I’m just drinking more? I don’t really want to take another test for fear of disappointment. (I do realize that this is sort of silly.) Argh. I have no idea how to interpret this, how much longer to wait.

Meanwhile, there have been so many bad news in the blogosphere — Adele, Alex, Jess, and several more. I’m sad for them, and find it difficult to be hopeful. Go over and let them know you’re thinking of them, if you haven’t visited already.

9 thoughts on “when the 2 in 2ww isn’t a 2

  1. Sigh! It’s horrible, isn’t it? I for one am always willing to trust a test at 14 days past ovulation, but then I’m eager to get my drink on, grieve the failed cycle, and start building up my stores of hope for the next one. I’m sorry you have to go through this.

  2. Take a test!!! 21 dpo – that sounds pretty hopeful to me (bad dreams notwithstanding). The peeing has always been a dead giveaway for me (and I’m hoping hoping hoping that it means good news here). Fingers crossed. (And thanks for the shout out).

  3. I second Adele. TEST!
    Also if you end up tryingnext month. Try an ovidrel booster (4-5 days after ovulation) for short LP. I love it. one shot, works, 13-15 day LP. Good luck!

  4. I would test, definitely. If you’re taking temps – 20 days of higher temperatures confirms a pregnancy (without peeing on a stick even), so I think you should test!

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