Thanks for all your crossed fingers! Unfortunately, it seems this wasn’t my cycle. The test was negative this morning, and as it’s 14dpo and I don’t have any strong symptoms to speak of, I guess it’s correct. Sigh.

This morning I dreamed I was peeing on a stick (a very fancy one, actually), and it was negative. When I woke up, I was first all confused of whether that had been real or not… sadly enough, the result on the internet cheapie was the same. Sometime last week, I dreamed I was bleeding/spotting. For some reason, I told H about it — and he said he had dreamed that I was bleeding, too. That was weird. He’s also previously dreamed that I was pregnant, but so far that part didn’t come true…

17 thoughts on “negative

  1. Sorry to hear of the BFFN but hoping your dream of motherhood comes true for you next cycle…..

    Keep the hope alive


  2. Darn:( I hate those dreams. I never know how to interpret them (though, I’d like to think that H’s dream about the positive is just around the corner).

  3. I am so sorry. With my last failed GIFT I dreamt early in the 2ww that I was bleeding beautiful lacey clots. Turns out my subconscious knew before I did. I hope against all hope that your pee stick was wrong.



  4. UGH! Sorry it didn’t work this time. Isn’t it weird the dreams that you have when dealing with IF? I swear IF is so much like a pregnancy it’s weird…crazy dreams, crazy hormones, crazy emotions; how can two things so opposite be so much alike???

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