3 letter abbreviations, or when to test

The jury on this cycle is still out. My symptoms are neither here nor there. Breasts not really sore, but whenever I think that this cycle wasn’t it, I get stabbing pain in Breast Central. 2 days ago I suddenly had to pee every half hour — sounds more like an UTI than anything else. It was painful and annoying, but just when I was seriously thinking about emergency care, it got better. Weird. (And the fact that UTIs can cause miscarriages just scared me more.)
I don’t really want to test, thinking that a BFN would be more depressing than CD1. But, if I want to keep up the progesterone (still waiting for my doctor’s answer), I should know… because if it’s negative, then the sooner I can start the next cycle, the better. So I checked this fertilityfriend article to find out when I should test. They say that right around the expected period is most reliable (low risk of false negatives). The expected day of my period, though, is 5 days after I stop the progesterone, so that doesn’t work. My normal luteal phases are too short, so that doesn’t work either. I’m 13dpo today, so tomorrow could be ok, what do you think?

Regardless of the test outcome, though, I’ve added three letters to my name this month, three letters I’m very proud of :) To celebrate, I probably had more alcohol than anyone serious about tcc should (2 glasses of champagne and 2 glasses of wine… not a lot in absolute terms, but still). I’d love to get a BFP in addition to this, but I feel like I cannot complain if I don’t get it this month.

And just because it’s another 3 letter thing, we’re off to my MIL’s birthday celebration next weekend. For which I’d like to know if I can drink or not. About a year after our wedding, this is bound to lead to questions revolving around our future offspring. And I’m not looking forward to this part.


5 thoughts on “3 letter abbreviations, or when to test

  1. i hope this cycle is a lucky one for you!! i say you have one not-too-strong drink and it won’t hurt you or your chances. if anything, maybe it’ll help you relax? think of all those crazies who get knocked up after a night of drinking (i hate these ppl btw), so you should join in (although i mean just ONE drink, no more … per my orders, heehee).

    and bc i’ve had an awfully stressful day and am tired and my brain isn’t working well, what kind of 3 letter word did you add to your name? do i assume it’s a PHD? or am i completely off track here? if so, pardonez moi bc like i said, i’m TIRED :o)

  2. I think 14dpo is totally fine to test, with a very low chance of false anything. Fingers very crossed for you.

    And congrats on those three letters! I really don’t think a little wine and champagne will hurt anything. When you think about the things some people do to their bodies, and they still have oodles of kids…well, I guess I better not think about it:)

    Fingers CROSSED for you.

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