The day started so well, with great news concerning a job interview in the summer. Then, just before I left for my appointment, came some totally unexpected news about a work-related trip that should have been wonderful — and now someone is coming along who might destroy it all. Sigh. H is even more bummed by this than I am, I think.
Then I went for my appointment (which was just a quick u/s, no immuno discussions, but I’ll try to schedule them for next month). I admit, nada is exaggerated. One follicle growing on the left, which will still need a couple of days. As Niobe once wrote so aptly, it’s what we expected, but not what we hoped.
Right now, I’m just miserable. But I hope we both get in the mood until the weekend, to give this little egg a chance.


5 thoughts on “nada

  1. I am pulling for your egg!! Grow, egg, grow. I’m sorry about the fact that your trip is going to be spoiled. BUT that’s great about the job interview.

  2. Congratulations on your job interview!!!! And… it is cheesy and cliche, but in terms of follicles, all you need is one! Even if it isn’t the ideal scenario, I have hope.

  3. Ugh, I hated work trips being ruined by the wrong people coming along. It happened a few times to both Hubby and I – ruining a perfectly nice city with an annoying person :(.
    Good luck, and I hope you catch that egg :).

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