I started taking my temps on Saturday again — and got some really high values. Sunday again, tough not quite as high. Hmm. Could this mean …? I didn’t want to get my hopes high (no other symptoms and they might simply be outliers after all), but not take a test either. Sometimes denial is the easiest option…
I had considered telling H about it, but decided against as he was still clearly down from the last CD1. Until we went out and I was feeling unwell and he suggested I “might be pregnant”. So I told him about the high temps, and explained cautiously that it was possible (though rare) to be pregnant despite a “period”. But that I really had no idea what all of this meant.
Well, Monday was in-between, and today was definitely in the low, pre-ovulatory range. Besides nausea every now and then (which, for me, could be totally psychosomatic) I don’t have any symptoms. I’m supposed to see my doc on Thursday for a quick U/S, to see if the follicles are growing properly and when to expect ovulation (to see how well it correlates with the data I get from charting). Should she see something else, well, I’d take it — though after today I’m mostly on the ground again.
But this confusion, all these ups and downs, boy, they are exhausting.


5 thoughts on “outliers

  1. i hear you on the exhaustion part. i’m mostly relieved now that i’m not temping or peeing on sticks. the stress of it all was getting to be too much. i dunno how some of you girls do it all the time. part of me is glad i’m doing ivf so that i can avoid the trying every month. is that not the most screwed up way of thinking you’ve ever heard????? anyways, i hope you get some answers on thursday!!!

  2. Temping can drive me CRAZY. Sometimes the temps just don’t add up (and I’ve also, by the way, wondered the same thing at several points…even after a period…there are enough actual stories out there and even stories who go in for ultrasounds and lo and behold). I’ll think good thoughts for that ultrasound.

  3. Nicole, Sienna, Adele — my temps were fine until 4 weeks ago. If I had known they could behave like this…
    Today, just to entertain me, they went up again. Tomorrow I should know more either way.

    Leslie — it was rather a bit heavier, actually (which is still light in absolute terms) — I thought that was due to the longer LP / progesterone…

    Sienna — I hear you on the IVF and the not “having to try”… for a number of reasons (big move next year mainly) it’s not in our agenda for now. Let’s see what happens until then / next year.

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