I finally ovulated on CD17, and started progesterone after two days of high temps, to counteract the luteal phase problems (yes, I know, I’m supposed to wait for 3… patience is not my strongest character trait ;).
I also stopped charting for the rest of the cycle, as the progesterone raises my temperatures several tenths more than they usually are. (Is it like this for everyone? Or could that be a sign of low progesterone?)

In the last couple of days I’ve had cramps on and off. Not strong ones, and at least some seem rather digestive than (anti-)reproductive, but still, they don’t make me feel any better. I was/am kind of hopeful for this cycle though, and mentioned this to my husband. He said he rather wouldn’t get his hopes high, because he’s always so disappointed when it turns out to be nothing… The poor guy. I feel so sorry for him. He’s always very supportive of me when the bad news come, but hardly ever mentions how he feels. I so wish to have better news this time.

4 thoughts on “crampy

  1. I’d be curious to know that about the progesterone, as well. I know it does go up with the Progesterone, but I wonder if it goes up especially in women where there is otherwise a problem. Glad you ovulated! And I hope you get a nice long LP with the P.

    And I know what you mean. I’ve started to really watch what I say to my husband. I’ve gotten his hopes up so many times, and then they’ve often been dashed. It’s tough. I don’t especially want to keep that stuff to myself. And yet…

  2. I use an ovidrel HCG booster for my short LP’s and my temp always goes up after I take it. My corpus luteum doesn’t make enough unless I trick it into thinking I’m pregnant with the HCG.

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